Family Practice

Gain access to comprehensive healthcare services for you and your family. Our Clinic is home to the best family physicians in Calgary and Alberta region. Sreen Medical is open 7 days a week!

Face and body

Get the face and body you always dreamt of. Sreen Medical brings comprehensive skin revitalization and medical aesthetics treatments including Botox, Fillers, Chemical peels, Laser hair removal, Weight loss, Scars correction, and tags removal.              


Heal your skin and get that natural glow with our wide range of proven skincare procedures. Explore time-tested and medically certified skincare solutions by Sreen Medical, Calgary. 

Hair Restoration

Reclaim your lost hair with the expertise of skilled medical professionals at Sreen Medical. Experience hair restoration through medical investigation, by proper diagnosis and cutting-edge transplant methods

About Calgary, CA

Calgary is one of the cleanest cities in the world and is well-connected to major Canadian cities through road and air transit. From world-class infrastructure to a vibrant local community, there’s ample to do in Calgary. If you’re considering a hair transplant in Calgary, we’re conveniently located just 5 minutes away from the airport. Additionally, we’re more than happy to help you organize top-notch hotel accommodations near the Jacksonport medical clinic. Our services are renowned for delivering the finest aesthetics and hair transplant solutions in all of Canada. Give us a call to schedule your initial complimentary appointment at 403-265-5221

Dermal Fillers

Get rid of undesirable lines and pulled-down appearance with this popular non-surgical injectable procedure.

Hair Loss and Hair Transplant

Turn back the clock by recovering your lost hair. Whether your hair loss is hereditary or medical, Sreen Medical, Calgary has the right solution for your recovery.

Tone & Texture by laser

Say goodbye to uneven skin tone, skin color, and texture. Safe for all skin types and ages!

Skin Boosters

Make your skin youthful again by making signs of aging disappear. A popular skin treatment for that glass skin!

Weight Loss By Evolve (RF Technology)

For people who have medical conditions associated with weight, surgical options render the best chance for long-term weight loss.

Experienced physicians. Personalized solutions

Sreen Medical has been supporting Calgary residents with a vast range of skin, hair, and wellness treatments for more than a decade. Our trained medical staff pays personalized attention to every patient to ensure that their every concern is addressed.

Whether you opt for botox, hair gain, micro needling, or skin enhancement treatments, our priority is delivering 100% natural results. Book an appointment at our medical aesthetics clinic in Calgary to request a tailored treatment plan for your beauty and wellness goals.


Witness the transformation

At Sreen Medical, Calgary, we help patients transform their lives and selves in the safest way possible. We accomplish this through advanced medical aesthetics procedures and treatments facilitated by experienced physicians.



Our every procedure is backed by science and overseen by medical-grade equipment. Check out before-after stories and see for yourself what our hair and skin care solutions can do!

Reveal true beauty with Sreen

Our team of doctors, nurses, and technicians helps patients discover their true selves through modern skincare solutions and aesthetic treatments that are 100% safe and scientifically proven. Whether your goal is fuller lips, flawless hair, or glowing skin, our experienced physicians in Calgary can help achieve the same.

Let us help you shine by using the power of modern skincare. 


Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan as Family Physician


Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan recently became part of our vision and is now a Family physician with Sreen Medical.  A board-certified hair restoration and internationally trained advanced aesthetic physician, Dr. Bobby has been treating patients and supporting the families of Calgary for many decades now. An A4M member, he is also an expert in treating patients with hormonal imbalances using bio-identical hormones.

Get in touch to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan.

Experienced Family physician.

Dr. Santosh Dubey


Dr. Santosh Dubey, And Sreen medical aesthetics has been helping Calgary individuals and families with a wide range of medical solutions for more than 3 decades. In 2007, Dr. Dubey came across the challenges faced by patients with skin concerns specific to ethnic skin and decided to focus on medical aesthetics.

With years of research and hands-on training, Dr. Dubey made her name in the world of medical aesthetics and skincare solutions. Sreen Aesthetics emerged from her medical and community efforts. No wonder, it is the best medical aesthetic clinic in Calgary!


Now Accepting New Patients

Dr. Bobby Sreenivasan

A certified hair surgeon, holds global acclaim for his proficiency in Hair Restoration. Beyond his role as a family physician, Dr. Sreenivasan exhibits a distinct passion for matters including acne treatment, hormone Balancing using Bio-Identical Hormone and the realm of Advanced Cosmetic medicine.