Medically Directed Weight Loss by Evolve (RF Technology)

Medically Directed Weight Loss by Evolve (rf technology)

Losing stubborn body fat and enhancing the physique can be a daunting process for some individuals. Luckily Evolve, a revolutionary non-surgical body contouring technology – is helping millions of men and women eliminate that stubborn fat and tighten their skin without side effects. Calgary residents are benefiting from this radiofrequency-driven technology to get rid of loose weight without any degree of discomfort. 

Screen Medical undertakes the Evolve treatment for weight loss under the supervision of seasoned medical experts and technicians to ensure unbelievable results. No wonder, we are the best Evolve treatment centre for weight loss in Calgary, Alberta!

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evolve Procedure

This medical treatment involves directing radiofrequency waves to the targeted area over multiple sessions. The same helps kill the fat cells present in that specific area, which the body removes naturally. This medical aesthetics treatment also tightens the underlying structure of your skin, thereby boosting collagen and elastin production to encourage a smooth and youthful appearance. At Sreen Medical, the procedure is conducted by a certified physician after a friendly consultation session.

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evolve Recovery

Since Evolve is a convenient fat-elimination treatment that doesn’t involve any kind of surgical procedure, there is no recovery time involved. The treatment usually takes 30 minutes to an hour and you can resume your everyday activities right after the procedure. Sreen Medical recommends at least 10 sessions of Evolve treatment to see good visible results. 



If Evolve treatment doesn’t seem the right fit for you, we recommend going with a Physician-directed Weight Loss Program. This weight loss treatment brings a personalized diet plan which is complemented by injections that help patients control appetite and boost metabolism. The program lasts for 26 or 40 days depending on your weight loss goals and has a high success rate. Our team of physicians will also recommend diet changes and prescribe supplements to quicken the weight loss process. 

Lose fat, reset your metabolism, and get healthy with Sreen Medical’s Physician-directed Weight Loss Program. Choose this program if you are motivated and committed to actively making lifestyle changes. Call us to speak with the best team of weight loss experts in Calgary and Alberta region.


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