Menopause Treatments

Menopause treatment is widely requested by women across the globe who want to get rid of decreased hormone levels, specifically estrogen, in the body. This hormone replacement therapy is trusted by the women of Calgary for restoring the optimum level of essential hormones using bioidentical hormones through a medically supervised program. When carried out into the female body, these hormones help reduce menopausal hot flashes, improve sexual drive, and check insomnia as well.




This hormonal treatment begins with a blood test to confirm the level of follicle-stimulating hormone in the body. Since it is caused due to hormonal imbalance, introducing more of the declining hormones (estrogen) in the body helps women improve wellbeing, boost sexual health, and decrease the risk of age-related diseases. At Sreen Medical, Calgary, the hormone treatment is undertaken by a certified medical professional after a friendly consultation session to cover doubts and address queries. During the procedure, a fine needle is used to administer a customized dose of essential hormones.

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Menopause results take some time to appear. Usually, the increased level of essential hormones can be felt in a couple of weeks but it can take longer in some patients. Performing yoga and acupuncture sessions are helpful in reducing hot flashes caused due to menopause. Following an active lifestyle will help too after undergoing hormonal treatment for menopause. Call our Calgary clinic to book an appointment and get rid of menopause through advanced hormone-balancing treatment.


Andropause treatment is widely requested by Calgary men who want to get rid of low hormone levels, specifically testosterone, in the body.

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Menopause treatment is widely requested by women across the globe who want to get rid of decreased hormone levels, specifically estrogen, in the body.

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