Energy Boosters


Energy Boosters

When energy levels are consistently low, push the refresh button with Sreen Medical’s energy booster treatment! Widely requested by men and women of Calgary, this medical treatment injects essential nutrients and minerals directly into your system and boosts everyday energy levels to a great extent. Maintain the ideal balance to keep your body healthy and working at the highest level with our energy booster treatment. 

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Unlike vitamins from pills or food, energy boosters provide 100% absorption. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes to administer. At Sreen Medical, Calgary, patients undergo a friendly consultation before undergoing treatment. Fine needles are used to get your body the supply of enriching multivitamins. 

Call us to schedule a consultation session regarding your energy booster treatment in Calgary. Sreen Medical is one of the few medical centers offering energy boosters in Calgary.


Patients who undergo energy booster treatment at Sreen Medical instantly feel rejuvenated as we infuse essential vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. The medical procedure is undertaken by a certified medical practitioner with vast experience in intravenous therapy.  

Call us to book an appointment with our experienced medical experts to restore energy levels through an advanced energy booster procedure in Calgary.

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