Belkyra or Kybella


ABOUT Belkyra or Kybella

Belkyra injection is an FDA-approved treatment requested by women from all walks of life who want to permanently dissolve fat molecules in the submandibular region located below the jaw. Also referred to as injection lipolysis or Kybella fat-dissolving treatment, it is injected under the skin to reduce a double chin without surgery. One may need to have multiple Belkrya injection treatments at our Kybella clinic in Calgary to achieve the desired result.

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It takes less than an hour to perform Kybella treatment at Sreen Medical, Calgary. Our team of certified medical aesthetics professionals will mark your double chin area with a grid of dots. It will then inject Belkyra using a fine needle per dot to get the desired shape and appearance. Women can have Belkyra treatment to get rid of chin fat on the same day as their consultation!

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Results will appear within 6 to 8 weeks after Belkyra injection treatment. Some patients might see a little swelling and feel a burning/numb sensation temporarily in the treated area. These symptoms will subside in a couple of days.

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