Temporo Mandibular Joint Pain


Temporo Mandibular Joint Pain

Say goodbye to tenderness, pain, and difficulty moving the facial joint. Temporo mandibular doctors at Sreen Medical, Calgary have supported hundreds of men and women to recover from TMJ disorders. Depending on the severity and cause of the condition, we examine the head, neck, face, and jaw for tenderness, clicking, popping, and movement. After a comprehensive diagnosis, our team uses the most suitable therapies to aid fast recovery. 

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Because temporo mandibular joint pain can get worse with time, immediate attention and treatment are necessary. At Sreen Medical, we note symptoms, take a detailed medical history, and ask patients questions about their pain including its location, when it transpires, what makes it better or worse, and whether it stays or spreads to other parts of the body. 

After consultation, our team of experienced doctors and physicians in Calgary treat temporo mandibular joint pain with physical therapies, health approaches, intraoral appliances, surgeries, and other medical and dental procedures. 

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The recovery period for temporary mandibular joint pain takes no more than two weeks and it needs repeat botox injections after four to five months. For more than a decade, doctors and physicians at Sreen Medical, Calgary have been safely conducting treatments and helping patients soothe the discomfort of TMJ disorder and return jaw health to normal.  Call us  to book an appointment! 

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