Bruxism or teeth grinding


ABOUT Bruxism or teeth grinding

Bruxism treatment is requested by men and women who want to stop the parafunctional activity of holding or grinding teeth which eventually causes pain in jaw muscles, tooth wear, dental restoration damage, headaches, and hypersensitivity. The teeth-grinding treatment involves the usage of therapy, mouth splints, and mouth guards. Diagnosing bruxism is critical to limit damage to the mouth. As the leading bruxism treatment center in Calgary, we request seeking medical intervention as soon as possible.  

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Sreen Medical, Calgary starts bruxism recovery by examining the mouth and looking for irregular wear on the surfaces of your teeth. By combining modern technology and years of experience, we address the root cause of teeth grinding and offer relief from discomfort and pain associated with teeth grinding conditions. While using a consultative approach, our healthcare professionals in Calgary make anxious patients feel relaxed and help them achieve optimal oral health. 


The bruxism recovery devices used by patients of Sreen Medical, Calgary deliver fast results. However, bruxism treatment can take a few weeks or even months. Hence, there’s a need to stay patient. Our medical professionals have the experience and expertise to help you stop gnashing the upper and lower jaw against each other. 

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