Improve your skin appearance and texture while slowing down the aging process with Sreen Medical’s skincare therapy in Calgary. With pollution, UV exposure, and stress affecting most of us, using skincare products may not be enough to attain clear, glowing skin. Skin boosters are shallow micro-injections of hyaluronic acid that will increase the skin’s ability to hydrate and retain moisture, resulting in a smoother, firmer, and younger look. Skin boosters are greatly being favored by Calgary women to retain that youthful look.

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This medical aesthetic treatment involves 3 sessions stretching over a period of 12 weeks with touch-ups every 6 months. Skin specialists at Sreen Medical Calgary divide the skin into various sections and inject micro-droplets of the booster into the upper layer of the dermis. Positive effects and improvement in the skin may be noted as early as the next day but full improvement may
take time.

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Patients who undergo skincare therapy may notice redness that will soon fade. Some may feel slightly sore for a day but there’s no downtime and the procedure doesn’t affect the daily routine in any way. Medical aesthetics professionals at Sreen Medical have helped hundreds of people boost their skin’s ability to hydrate and retain moisture over the past decade. This is almost essential given the dry climate of Calgary. 

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