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Eliminate the stress of urinary incontinence and improve vaginal tightness with Incontilase and Intimalase treatment from Sreen Medical. Widely requested by Calgary women, it is a non-invasive therapy that involves 100% safe laser light that has a photo-thermal heating effect on the collagen of both vaginal walls and urethra. The Incontilase and Intimalase treatment make women feel confident, allowing them to pursue their passion without stress. 


Say goodbye to dead skin cells, and hello to supple skin. HydraFacial is a proven skin treatment performed for cleansing, exfoliating

Microneedling is a widely celebrated treatment among women of Calgary who want to rejuvenate their skin and make it look firm and smooth.

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Vein correction treatment in Calgary is widely requested by men and women in
Calgary to fix visible blood vessels in the face. 

Chemical peel

Chemical peel treatments are popularly used by Calgary women for claiming radiant skin and lessening the impact of sun damage, aging, acne, clogged pores..

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Heal with Plus 90

Sreen Medical, Calgary brings modern medical aesthetics treatments and equipment for fast risk-free healing. Incontilase and Intimalase treatment at our clinic is powered by Plus 90. The radiofrequency healing technology is trusted by leading medical aesthetics providers across the globe to address vaginal health concerns.


This medical therapy has no downtime. Meaning, women can leave immediately after the 15-minute procedure and continue their daily routine. Incontilase and Intimalase treatment is used for treating mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence. At Sreen Medical, Calgary, the procedure is undertaken by certified experts after a friendly consultation session.  

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Incontilase and Intimalase therapy is simple, non-surgical, and only takes 15 minutes. There’s no need for sexual restraint after the treatment either. Minimal sensitivity and a transparent discharge for 2-3 days are common side effects after the procedure. The procedure is greatly helpful in improving vaginal tightness and sexual desire.  Beside incintilase and intimilase treatments write down in bold letters: for sexual health, it increases vaginal tightness, incontinence and sexual desire or libido

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