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VIVER Products for care your skin

After crossing the milestone of 20 years, we start producing about 1 percent of the collagen in the skin every year, resulting in fragile and rough skin. Thankfully, with proper skin care treatments, we can lessen the effect of collagen on the skin. Sreen Medical, Calgary brings a range of individualized skin care treatments that rejuvenate the skin by combining premium products from Vivier. 

Our skin care specialists focus on individual skin types, conditions, and lifestyles to determine the right combination of Vivier products and treatments to make your skin look its best and shine its brightest. No wonder, we are the best team of skincare experts in Calgary!

Vivier skincare solutions

Vivier Pharma is a leading skincare brand that brings a wide range of medical-grade products for the treatment, maintenance, and protection of all skin types. Thousands of skin care specialists and aestheticians trust Vivier skin care products to ensure maximum efficiency for a variety of skincare needs. It’s also the best brand to fend off fine lines, fade away dark spots, improve skin texture, and much more.

In addition to skincare products for addressing a variety of skin concerns, Vivier also offers specialized programs to help men and women achieve specific skin goals.

Vivier skincare

Signature Program

This program is designed for all skin types. It includes:

Anti-aging Program

Anti-aging program is designed to reduce early signs of aging and promote even skin tone. It includes:

Redness Program

The Vivier Redness Program is specially designed to calm redness and soothe sensitive skin while reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and expression lines. It includes:

Hyperpigmentation Program

The Vivier Hyperpigmentation program comes in two variations: one made with 2% hydroquinone, and another is a hydroquinone-free program used for sensitive skin. Both programs tend to improve sun spots, irregular skin tone, and texture. 

The hyperpigmentation program with 2% HQ includes:

The HQ free hyperpigmentation program includes

Acne Program

Vivier’s acne program tends to reduce inflammation and congestion for more clear and even skin. This program includes: