Andropause treatment is widely requested by Calgary men who want to get rid of low hormone levels, specifically testosterone, in the body.

Hot Flashes

Why experience an unnerving burst of heat triggered by hot flashes when you can get rid of it with the right medical support?

Radiofrequency technique

For people who have medical conditions associated with weight, surgical options render the best chance for long-term weight loss.

Hormone Balancing

Hormone balancing treatment is widely requested by men and women of Calgary who want to get rid of disrupted hormone levels (mainly testosterone in men and estrogen in women).

Sexual Health

Sexual health support is widely being opted by both men and women to address problems like sexually transmitted diseases, menstrual cycle, pregnancy-related problems, and male sexual health issues.


Menopause treatment is widely requested by women across the globe who want to get rid of decreased hormone levels, specifically estrogen, in the body.

Fat Removal

Fat removal surgery is widely chosen by women and men to get rid of loose tummy skin, excessive body fat, weak tummy muscles, and stretch marks on the abdomen.

Vitality Diagnosis & Evaluation

More than half of serious diseases can be averted if we take a few simple lifestyle changes.

Pain Management

According to a survey, around 20% of the Canadian population is affected by chronic pain resulting in physical, psychological, and social insecurities


Why disrupt your partner’s sleep by snoring when you can get rid of it once and for all? Sreen Medical has helped hundreds of Calgary individuals get rid of snoring with laser treatment.