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Hair loss in women

While hair loss is more common in men, women – after reaching a certain age – struggle with hair loss, thinning, and damage. In fact, 40% of women experience some degree of hair damage after reaching the milestone of 50 years. Hair loss and damage greatly damage the self-esteem of women since they consider hair as a crucial part of their personality.

To support women through the journey of hair loss and recovery, Sreen Medical brings a vast range of surgical hair non-surgical hair recovery solutions. Drive away recent or legacy hair damage with the right medical support. Consult hair experts at Sreen Medical, Calgary.


Non-surgical hair loss solutions for women

Pain-free, effective, and 100% safe, these non-surgical hair gain treatments are widely popular amongst women of Calgary:

Nutritional supplements: For hair loss that’s linked to nutritional gaps, Sreen Medical, Calgary recommends Hair Max supplements to bring the goodness of 7+ natural ingredients and vital vitamins.   

Hormone balancing: Health issues like hypothyroidism and menopause can damage hair health. Hormone balancing treatment by Sreen Medical counters hormonal shifts and delivers great hair.

Regenerative plasma therapy (SPT): If your hair is weak and shedding aggressively, Sreen Medical recommends SPT. This modern hair growth treatment delivers healthier hair shafts and boosts the hair growth phase.    

Scalp micro pigmentation (SMP): While this medical aesthetics treatment is more popular amongst women, it’s widely favoured by modern women as well. SMP delivers the illusion of tiny hair follicles through micro tattoos.

Laser treatments for hair: A widely trusted hair treatment in Calgary, it is backed by the science behind photobiomodulation. In this hair recovery treatment, a low-intensity red light impacts the inactive hair follicles and triggers hair growth.

HRI hair boost program: This program by Sreen Medical, Calgary brings three result-oriented treatments namely regenerative plasma therapy, laser cap, and Hair Max supplements.


hair loss solutions for women

Turn back the clock by recovering your lost hair. Whether your hair loss is hereditary or medical, Sreen Medical, Calgary has the right solution for your recovery.




While hair loss is more common in men, women – after reaching a certain age – struggle with hair loss, thinning, and damage.

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