It is completely natural and normal for hair to grow all over our bodies. While some men and women feel comfortable and wear it proudly, others wish for full-body hair removal. Getting rid of body hair using Sreen Medical’s laser hair removal treatment will not only help you maintain personal hygiene but also make you look more well-groomed and presentable.

A lot of men and women who want full-body hair removal have no idea about the benefits of our laser treatment. The reason why we decided to write this blog!

Today, we, as one of the best skin care clinics in Calgary, will tell you everything about our laser treatment for full-body hair removal. From meaning and functionality to benefits, we will cover all important aspects.

Are you ready to explore our list? Let’s go!

What is Laser Hair Removal Treatment?

Known as a safe and better alternative to age-old hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, laser treatment is a medical procedure used to revivify and give a new lease of life to collagen, eliminate unwanted hair, tighten pores, and embellish overall tone and texture of the skin.

Safe for all skin types and body hair colors, laser hair removal treatment can help in making away with exposed hair as well as stubborn ingrown on all parts of the human body including legs, armpits, upper lip, chest and abs, chin, bikini line, and other sensitive areas.

full body hair removal

How Does Laser Full Body Hair Removal Work?

It will be completely unfair for us to jump straight to the benefits without talking about how exactly our full-body hair removal method works. Laser treatment involves the use of concentrated light that is placed on the area with unwanted hair. The light penetrates through the skin’s surface to root out hair follicles – small cavities of skin from which strands grow.

Once the follicles absorb the laser, it invades melanin pigment. As the result, unwanted hair on the treated area of the body vaporizes instantly.

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What are Benefits of Laser Full Body Hair Removal Treatment?

Now that you know about the meaning of laser treatment and how exactly it helps you in getting rid of unwanted hair, it makes complete sense to discuss its benefits. Unlike other full-body hair removal methods, our laser treatment has a boatload of advantages:

#1 Takes less time

No one likes to spend all day in the spa just to get rid of unwanted hair on her body. If a quick solution is what you are looking for then laser fully body hair

removal is made for you! It is much quicker than one may expect. Sure you will have to have several treatment sessions but they only take a few minutes.

#2 Safe and less painful

We said it earlier and we’ll say it again – our laser treatment is a less painful and much safer option for full body hair removal for men and women. There are no risks of burns, sharp pain, or discomfort, unlike plucking, tweezing, or waxing.

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#3 Prevents ingrown hair

While using full-body hair removal methods like shaving and waxing, there’s a risk that removed hair strands may grow back and curve into the skin, resulting in ingrown hair. Since laser treatment destroys hair at the root, men and women don’t have to give a second thought about those pesky strands coming out again.

full body hair removal

There you go!

We told you everything important about undergoing our laser treatment to achieve silky-smooth and hair-free skin. Schedule an appointment today if getting a presentable body without facing any pain is your goal.

Send us an email at in case of queries. Our hair experts will be happy to answer them for you.

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